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Current Version: 1.0
iRingtones provides a graphical approach to using the freely available Nero AAC Encoder. It uses the Encoder to convert a standard WAV file into an iPhone compliant M4R ringtone, adds the ringtone to the users iTunes library and finally copies it into the users iTunes Ringtones folder.

As the Nero AAC Encoder is not my property I can not re-distribute it, but it is made freely available by Nero and is required in order to run iRingtones.

How do you get your MP3 into a iPhone M4R ringtone? Easy! Get your MP3 into an audio editing program such as Audacity (Free), chop it up until you have a 25 second clip of music that you want to have for a ringtone, then export it as a WAV file. Start iRingtones, make sure it has the Nero AAC Encoder and your iTunes Music Library locations entered, and click Create Ringtone and your done! The application will create the ringtone and add it to your iTunes ringtone library for you.

Note that this does not work with DRM protected audio files! In order to convert purchased iTunes Store music (DRM protected), you will need to select the track in iTunes, go to the Advanced menu and select Convert to MP3. If that option is not available, go to preferences, change the Import Using option under General. You can select Advanced and change the file format from AAC or MP3 into any other file format. It is advised that you set it to MP3, which will remove the DRM protection from the song and allow you to convert it into a ringtone.

Feel free to leave comments under the Discussions page! Any issues with the source code or downloaded release? Let me know via the Issue Tracker!

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